Trapped Vinyl

A photobook by Álvaro Gordo, Elena Sánchez , Eva Xu, Irene García, Álvaro Moral and Marina Ballesteros. Link to the work.

We had considered that it would be a great idea to discuss and produce an aesthetic and visual work about music. More specifically, about music in vinyl format. That is our focus of attention to deal with this topic. Music has coexisted with humans practically since the beginning of our species.

Being locked in music, being locked in vinyl, in a musical medium that has allowed the evolution of to the modern musical genres of the 20th century to the new current musical genres. In this part, it is worth reflecting on how vinyl records have experienced the birth and evolution of the most important and influential musical genres to date. For that purpose, we have selected a portion of vinyls, to represent. the different genres, decades, evolution, etc. of the vinyl industry.

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