It’s a match. Ideal self. Collage by Nacho Cagiao, María Elegido, Andrea Esteban, Belén López-Brea and Paloma Teja Ubach. Students of Image Theory – Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies (Course 2020-2021).

This is the webpage of Image Theory, a compulsory subject corresponding to the first year of the bilingual Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Television and Media Studies and the Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies at the Carlos III University of Madrid. The site is devoted to the public diffusion of students’ digital portfolios of the subject and offering additional resources to develop these assignments.


Class with Rubén H. Bermúdez

On 9 March, the visual artist Rubén H. Bermúdez gave a master class as part of the Image Theory course for the students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Journalism and Media Studies (2021-2022). Rubén H. Bermúdez is the author of the photobook And you, why are you black? (2018) and the documentary We all…

Your collages

Take a look at the collages related to détournement and culture jamming that other students have made.

Your Photobooks

Learn from your classmates! In this section, you will see how other students created their Photobooks and their final result.

Get inspired!

In the Shadow of Things by Léonie Hampton, 2011

In the section Get inspired! you will find examples of professional Photobooks that may help you conceptualize your work and think about the medium’s possibilities.


Do you need a tool to crop, blur or manipulate the colour of an image? Do you want present your Photobook in an appealing way? Check out the tools section, where you’ll find open-source resources.

Suggestions and proposals

This is an open and collaborative online space. Would you like to add a resource, either a Photobook or a page related to composition? Write an e-mail to your professor with your proposals so that your ideas can join this ongoing project.