The Media(tic) Tragic

By Paola González, Ariadna Manrique, Claudia Martínez, Leyre Peirotén and Paula Vaquero. Link to the work In this Photobook, with the topic of “Being locked in pictures”, we wanted to show the process of being a user of social media, more concretely: Instagram. Through these photos, we represent the process you live when you takeContinue reading “The Media(tic) Tragic”

The five stages of grief when losing yourself

A photobook by Carola Menor, Laura Gutiérrez, Iria González and Candela Platón. Link to the work. We read the theme Being locked in pictures as being trapped in the image one has of themselves, in this case a negative image. Our photobook is a visual narrative; it tells the story of a young woman whoContinue reading “The five stages of grief when losing yourself”

The Art of Starting Over

A Photobook by Álvaro Rodríguez, Lucía Castro, Lydia González and Manuel Montes. Link to the work Our first idea from the beginning of this task was to represent the different stages of a mourning: denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance; after the loss of a loved one. The idea was clear in our minds, butContinue reading “The Art of Starting Over”

Inner Conversations While Falling in Love

By Natalia Ibáñez, Jorge Ferreño, Marta Barrero, Olivia Timmins and Eva Fernández. Link to the work. When thinking about what could be the main idea for our photobook, a lot of different possibilities came to our minds: loss of loved people, mental illness or even something related with the feelings of war or conflict. WeContinue reading “Inner Conversations While Falling in Love”

Did Gen Z mature too quickly?

A Photobook by By Xinyi Zheng Lin, Rania Ben M ́Feddal Smola, Lorena Ruiz Uceda, Lucía Soriano Vega and Paloma Fernández de Velasco Zarzuelo. Link to the work Our photobook is titled “Did the Gen Z mature too quickly?”, being this an open question that will be answered during the appreciation of the photobook. GenerationContinue reading “Did Gen Z mature too quickly?”

Trapped Vinyl

A photobook by Álvaro Gordo, Elena Sánchez , Eva Xu, Irene García, Álvaro Moral and Marina Ballesteros. Link to the work. We had considered that it would be a great idea to discuss and produce an aesthetic and visual work about music. More specifically, about music in vinyl format. That is our focus of attention to deal with this topic.Continue reading “Trapped Vinyl”

If this is love…

A photobook by Johnaton Hildago, Iulia Rusu, Carlos Gil Cuevas, Jacinta Ruiz Gimeno, Nieves Peña Ramos. Link to the work. In this photobook, we wanted to analyze and explore the development, progression, resolution, and ultimate human toll that toxic and abusive relationships can entail. Through this, we wanted to explore the many emotions and situations associatedContinue reading “If this is love…”