Photobooks – Group 50 Image Theory 21/22

Photobooks by the students of the Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies. Second semester – Academic Course 2021-2022.

Premise for the Photobook (Course 2021-2022): “Being locked in pictures”, the motif of the work of the visual artist Barbara Kruger Untitled (We Are Astonishingly Lifelike/Help! I’m Locked Inside This Picture), made in 1985.

Locked Up in Time

By Yoana Kaloyanova, Irene Pérez Toribio, Eva Gil Álamo, Laura García Rodriguez and Hannah Thompson

The Shape of Memories

By Paula Corchado, Samuel Correas, Rafael Fernández, Lucía Hita and Paula Maestre

Grief in Seven Simple Steps

By Victoria Calvo, Cristina Cimadevila, María Delgado, Hanane Moulay-Abdallah and Victoria Schaddel.

If this is love…

By José Carlos Gil, Jonathon Hidalgo, Nieves Peña, Jacinta Ruiz and Iulia Rusu.


By Gabriel Esteban, David Marín, Irene Martínez, Claudia García and Juan Fernández-Montes.

Trapped Vinyl

By Álvaro Gordo, Elena Sánchez , Eva Xu, Irene García, Álvaro Moral and Marina Ballesteros.

Did Gen Z mature too quickly?

By Xinyi Zheng Lin, Rania Ben M ́Feddal Smola, Lorena Ruiz Uceda, Lucía Soriano Vega and Paloma Fernández de Velasco Zarzuelo

Inner Conversations While Falling in Love

By Natalia Ibáñez, Jorge Ferreño, Marta Barrero, Olivia Timmins and Eva Fernández