As an artwork, your Photobook must include a license that acknowledges your authorship and indicates to what extent it can be reused. Here you can consult the existing licenses and how to apply them. Once you have chosen the option that suits you the best, this information must be included in the final delivery.


Copyright. Reuse is not permitted. Permission from the owner must be requested.
Creative Commons. The material can be reused citing the author. See Creative Commons License Options.
Copyleft. The material can be reused citing the author.
Public domain. The material can be used without restriction. On citing the resource, you must mention that it is from the public domain.
It is not known whether reuse is permitted. You must request permission from the owner or seek another resource with a license that assures reuse is permitted


Creative Commons are free and easy-to-use copyright licenses which provide a simple, standardized way to give your permission to share and use your creative work on conditions of your choice. You can adopt one of the six types of licenses offered by the platform.


When mixing third-party materials with each other and with our own, the compatibility of the licenses of each party must be taken into account. The following table shows the degree of compatibility of the different licenses.

CC License Compatibility Chart, Kennisland, CC BY

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