As part of the continuous assessment of the subject Image Theory, students have to produce a digital photobook of a narrative or essayistic nature. Students must take their photographs, applying their knowledge of the image’s morphological, scalar, and dynamic aspects. They can also use archive images (up to 30% of the total). The photobook must include a brief and original text, which will be related to the pictures and distributed throughout the photobook. So, an explicit aim of this task is to garner meaning through both images and words.
The assignment includes the delivery of a brief explanatory report reflecting on formal and aesthetic decisions and the work process. As some authors remark, the most crucial aspect of the photobook is that the collective meaning of images becomes more important than the individual meaning of each image. In other words, the pictures should be related and arranged in an expressive and meaningful way: regardless of the quality of images is how they are choreographed, which creates an amazing work.


Academic course 2020-2021: Ways of remembering. Departing from this text by John Berger

Academic course 2021-2022: Being locked in pictures. Departing from the work Untitled (We Are Astonishingly Lifelike/Help! I’m Locked Inside This Picture) by Barbara Kruger (1985).