Photobooks – Groups 40 & 45 Image Theory 21/22

A selection of photobooks, those which include a Creative Commons license, by the students of the Bachelor in Film, Television and Media Studies. First semester – Academic Course 2021-2022.

Premise for the Photobook (Course 2021-2022): “Being locked in pictures”, the motif of the work of the visual artist Barbara Kruger Untitled (We Are Astonishingly Lifelike/Help! I’m Locked Inside This Picture), made in 1985.

Locks of Glass

By Alicia Mollá Barriendo, Alba Ibañez Alvarez, Margaret Praderas, Alexandra Emilova Marinova, Lucia Dominguez Vazquez de Prada, Marcos Alonso Lindner

The Art of Starting Over

By Álvaro Rodríguez, Lucía Castro, Lydia González and Manuel Montes


By Cristina Jimenez Rodriguez, Daniela Marín Latorre, Julia Neves Brige, Lorena Reinoso Pastor and Oreste Fortuna

The five stages of grief when losing yourself

By Carola Menor, Laura Gutiérrez, Iria González and Candela Platón.

The Media(tic) Tragic

By Paola González, Ariadna Manrique, Claudia Martínez, Leyre Peirotén and Paula Vaquero