Did Gen Z mature too quickly?

A Photobook by By Xinyi Zheng Lin, Rania Ben M ́Feddal Smola, Lorena Ruiz Uceda, Lucía Soriano Vega and Paloma Fernández de Velasco Zarzuelo. Link to the work

Our photobook is titled “Did the Gen Z mature too quickly?”, being this an open question that will be answered during the appreciation of the photobook. Generation Z is composed of those born between 1997 and early 2010, who are known as the first generation to have grown up with access to the Internet. Like any other generation, they have their own common values, personal view, a culture, a way of behaviour that define them in some way.

Regarding the given topic, “locked inside the pictures”, what we want to represent with our photo book is that, after all, there will always be a kid locked in our bodies. We are who we are because of the childhood that we lived, and that is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

The photobook is arranged in a way that we make a mental journey with the viewing of the pictures. We start with a cover composed of two images and the title. Followed by a small introduction that is telling you are going to start a journey through your memories. This journey is divided into four parts: the first one is the recall of your childhood memories through different objects, the second is a transition, the third is about the negative feelings you feel when growing up and lastly you are comfortable in your situation. To end, we have written the actual article titled “Did the Gen Z mature too quickly?” written by Marissa Zannini.

When analysing the sentiment that we want to transmit, we want to focus on the nostalgic feeling, although it does not necessarily have to have a negative approach. For instance, looking back at our childhood brings us a different range of memories and emotions, and many times looking both at good and bad moments of the past is our motor for understanding what direction we are taking in life.

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