Photobooks – Group 50 Image Theory 20/21

“If we want to put a photograph back into the context of experience, social experience, social memory, we have to respect the laws of memory. We have to situate the printed photograph so that it acquires something of the surprising conclusiveness of that which was and is. (…) A radial system has to be constructed around the photograph so that it may be seen in terms which are simultaneously personal, political, economic, dramatic, everyday and historic.”

_ John Berger

Premise for the Photobook (Course 2020-2021): Ways of remembering, inspired by the reading of John Berger’s article “Ways of Remembering” . Published in The Camerawork Essays: Context and Meaning in Photography ed. by Jessica Evans (London: Rivers Oram Press, 1997) 42-51 [originally published in 1978]

ἀνάμνησις (anamnesis)

By Sara Fernández, Ana Fuente, Irene Riera and Lucía Rubio.

“Our photobook does not simply illustrate aspects of life or mere objects, it tells a story. It tells the story of a man who is incapable of letting go of his past”.


By Natalia Álvarez, Pablo Vila, Amaiur Asurmendi,  Klaudia Moles and Javier Lara.

“This artistic work attempts to showcase what life before the coronavirus used to be like while comparing it to the reality we face nowadays, leaving a sense of nostalgia in the reader.”