The Media(tic) Tragic


By Paola González, Ariadna Manrique, Claudia Martínez, Leyre Peirotén and Paula Vaquero. Link to the work

In this Photobook, with the topic of “Being locked in pictures”, we wanted to show the process of being a user of social media, more concretely: Instagram. Through these photos, we represent the process you live when you take social media as something you cannot live without.

It will be shown the change throughout the process due to the influence of social media and the abysmal discrepancies found between reality and the way we show ourselves to the world.

Happiness, Confusion, Obsession, Pressure and Loneliness are some of the feelings someone can pierce when dedicating their time to display the life they “have”. And we say “have” because the life someone shows on social media is not the life they really have. There are many things that are hidden behind the screen and that people do not show publicly.

Because of this, the name of the photobook is “The media(tic) tragic”.

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