Locks of Glass


A photobook by Alicia Mollá Barriendo, Alba Ibañez Alvarez, Margaret Praderas, Alexandra Emilova Marinova, Lucia Dominguez Vazquez de Prada, Marcos Alonso Lindner. Link to the work

“Locks of glass” is a brief story on the impact of social media on a young girl who gets lost in her own image as she navigates it as a toxic relationship. The story drags us along emotions, feelings and stimulations. Starting from the comfort or excitement of being exposed on social media and having your existence validated; evolving into the bitter side of it, where our protagonist gets lost in the image of herself that she projects to others. Then moving onto a moment of change, the protagonist takes back control and rebels against what she had felt in the past. This reflects the way that these situations can have you trapped for a long time, since we are not conscious that we’re in them while they are happening.

Our aim with this photo book is to shed light on the destructive power of social media when it comes to self image and self worth, especially on young girls. We reflect on how consuming an overwhelming amount of content on social media can have you questioning your appearance, your identity and your value. Moreover, we also contemplate on how comparison can be the thief of joy when we are heavily exposed to the idealised version of everyone’s life; we start putting ourselves down for it when we don’t fit into those standards. Toxic perfectionism can lead to unhappiness and loss of your own identity, obsessing over ideal standards and trying to achieve them.

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