By Cristina Jimenez Rodriguez, Daniela Marín Latorre, Julia Neves Brige, Lorena Reinoso Pastor and Oreste Fortuna. Link to the work.

Making art from photography is not an easy task. Not only will the beholder be the one responsible for giving it such consideration, but also the artist has to take into account that the world is their main tool, and nothing is under their control.
When we were given the task of making this photobook, we felt the duty to express ourselves as much as possible. For this reason, we decided to tell a story. A tale that has a little from every one of us.

In fact, all the characters are portrayed by the members of this team, and everyone had the opportunity to show their personality and convey their feelings. Furthermore, thanks to this, each member was able to put their view into the process of the story-making, and the work, as we believe, turned out to be a matrix of our personalities.

This photobook tells the story of a lonely soul that walks the world without being noticed by anyone. He feels so empty that he ends up feeling enraged at everyone, and jealousy at anyone that is able to live as their own selves. For this reason, one day, this photographer decides that he will be someone. He makes a plan and determines that he will use his most powerful weapon: art.

From this moment on, he will walk the world with his camera hanging from his neck, and will meticulously choose the most startling people he finds on the streets. Through the camera lenses, he will freeze the moment and take away the victims’ identities. How will anyone know that it was him? People never noticed him before. After attacking four people, from whom he took their souls, represented in objects he steals, the man decided to run away and start living his own life.

We agreed to work mainly on the streets of Madrid. This way, instead of having a particular plan for each image, the place we were in would inspire us to choose what picture to take, and we could make a more artistic and expressive work. Also, we chose to work with different picture formats to make the experience more absorbing, and in order to make the spectator feel closer to the story.

Through the making of this photobook, we did not only learn about technical aspects of artistic photography, but also how to devise and develop an idea and make it evolve during a creative process. It was a tough but rewarding experience in which we were able to express ourselves, create something and, most importantly, earn knowledge.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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