Inner Conversations While Falling in Love


By Natalia Ibáñez, Jorge Ferreño, Marta Barrero, Olivia Timmins and Eva Fernández. Link to the work.

When thinking about what could be the main idea for our photobook, a lot of different possibilities came to our minds: loss of loved people, mental illness or even something related with the feelings of war or conflict. We wanted to make it about something powerful, to make the watcher feel a deep connection with the images, and to really engage people by making them feel related. Then, we came to the conclusion that nothing is more universal and deep than the feeling of love. No matter the culture or the place of precedence, it is always understood and valued by people. Everyone is familiar with it because even if you have not had the luck of living your own love story, you have watched and experienced hundreds of love stories on series, movies, books, or even via the people who surround you in real life. We have focused on romantic love rather than other possible types of love since we wanted to portray this unique experience and help others feel identified with it.

And, even if someone has not fallen in love, we want them to be able to live the experience through our pictures, creating their own love story. We have thought of the process as a three step course.

From being alone, feeling like maybe the person is not deserving of being loved. Then feeling insecure, even lonely at times, but then someone unexpectedly appears, they start to sense something, feel something different and special with that person. There is a want for it to become something bigger. They start to become anxious about how the other person feels, the uncertainty of the future, and later on, finally achieving the connection everyone’s seeking. That would be passion that we’ve been hearing about for our entire lives, that uncomparable bond, the comfort place where you can get to be who you truly are. It is a story, told through pictures, of falling in love

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