“The Disappeared” by Verónica Fieiras, 2014

“The Disappeared” was nominated as Best Book of the Year in Kassel Fotobook Festival 2015 and awarded with First Prize at Guatephoto Festival 2015.
This book addresses Argentina’s military dictatorship through 32 pages of hand-stitched Japanese paper and countless portraits mixed with words. Far from just talking about the historical event itself, The Disappeared is a book about the blurring and dissolution of identity, both in the larger body of a population, and in the oblivion of time passing… But these vanishing images also reassemble into a collective memory, by leaving an unclear and diffuse mark in people’s minds, and becoming an almost real representation of the pain and the suffering experienced by each of these persons, and by the society as a whole, in an era of the Argentinian history overwhelmed by the stony silence imposed by the junta on the population, and remembered mostly through the cruel feelings of absence and miss.

In this video, you can see the entire book and appreciate how the artist plays with the texture and the grain of the images:

More information: An interview with Verónica Fieiras

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